10 craziest hairdos

So, last night’s (somewhat bizarre) post got me thinking. What about? Well, hair, of course! Now, we’ve seen our fare share of odd dos in the past, but these ten take the prize. Going down the memory lane is always a hoot, so enjoy!

1. The Poodle Perm: you all know what I’m talking about. It was quite the popular hairdo two decades back. It may have been an era of gorgeous gymnastics, but the fashion? Eh, not so much. Particularly the hair. By 1988, the situation got so bad that the Olympic all around gold was decided by a hair, rather than gymnastics ability (joke). Honestly, though, can you truthfully say you are not distracted by the big mess of fluff? I thought so. Guilty as charged: numerous gymnasts, but Daniela Silivas in particular (God, I just want to chop that thing off her head!).


2. The Bang Attack: these were quite popular for quite some time, particularly during the 1990s. You know, those MASSIVE bangs over a gymnast’s forehead? Yup, that’s what I’m talking about. I thought they were pretty fun, actually. I loved watching the girls run in slow-mo – bangs bobbing up and down like crazy. Hilarious. Guilty as charged: the very lovely Viktoria Karpenko.

3. Crazy Beehive: ah, something a little old school for all of us. Remember the sixties (personally, I don’t, because I hadn’t even been born yet, but anyway, that’s totally beside the point)? Yes, I thought so. Guilty as charged: Vera Caslavska.


4. Scrunchie Meets Head: I mean, Shannon Miller. Or, more specifically, the Dynamos. Guilty as charged: me thinks this is self-explanatory.

5. The Angry Conrows: I never understood how the Parkettes managed to compete with those stupid conrows constantly pulling at their scalp. Seriously, ouch? Guilty as charged: le Parkettes.

6. The “I Am Really a Boy” Do: it comes in many shapes and colors (okay, it most frequently appears as a bowl cut), and it’s been around for ages. Now, personally, I have nothing against short hair, even on gymnasts. Sometimes, it actually looks kind of cute (cue Katya Lobaznyuk). But why in the world would you want to look like a boy? Even if you are a tomboy…Guilty as charged: Amanda Borden, Oksana Chusovitina.

7. If I Clip My Hair To My Scalp, It Won’t Fall Off: you totally know what I mean.  A couple of clips are fine (unless they are Hello Kitty themed; then it’s a big no-no), but a bajillion? Gawd. Not classy in the slightest. Plus, if you fall on your head, those things are vicious! Trust me, I would know. I’ve had (unpleasant) experiences in that area. Guilty as charged: the Chinese team!

8. The “I Don’t Take This Seriously Enough” Bun: I’m not a fan of overly gelled hair (ew, really), but sometimes you at least have to seem like you give a crap. Unfortunately, some gymnasts think they are way too cool for school and merely look like they’ve just rolled out of bed. Guilty as charged: Alicia Sacramone.

9. Frizzy Hair: frizzy hair is a terrible thing in all situations, gymnastics-related or not. Splurge on a straightener (or at least some anti-frizz)! Guilty as charged: Rebecca Bross (every now and then).

10. This is your choice. What do you think is a totally hideous hairdo and why?


14 Responses to “10 craziest hairdos”

  1. Kathrn in NZ Says:

    The hair pulled back so tight I can’t close my eyes do – guilty as charged: Courtney McCool at the 2004 US Nationals.
    Maybe that’s why Nastia and Carly P had that scary b**tch face sometimes??

  2. lol i love these posts so much!

    Vanessa Atler sometimes had that dishevled look, which kinda mimicked her mental state (im horrible i know). but then again it cant be easy to keep your hair together doing a dlo punch front.

    i also really disliked domi dawes’ hair in 00. ew ew ew.

    also jana beiger in 2004. what was going on?

  3. lol i love these posts so much!

    Vanessa Atler sometimes had that dishevled look, which kinda mimicked her mental state (im horrible i know). but then again it cant be easy to keep your hair together doing a dlo punch front.

    i also really disliked domi dawes’ hair in 00. ew ew ew.

    also jana beiger in 2003. what was going on?

  4. For the “too many clips thing”, or whatever you called it, you forgot to mention Anna Pavlova around ’04ish. I love me some Pavs, but she seriously had waaaay too many clips. Little stars, I think they were. But agreed, the Chinese gymnasts are very, very bad.

  5. Also for the cornrows-

    guilty as charged: Samantha Peszek (who I also love)!

    Another topic: That “bangs clipped in a poof on your head” deal.

    Guilty as charged: The United States gymnastics team

  6. Seconded on the Sacramone. I love Alicia, but good lord, her mother owns a salon–I’m sure she could have picked up a few tips on what to do with her hair in uniform.

    You didn’t mention the bang pouf. Guilty as charged: the entire US Olympic squad.

  7. I agree with some of these. Well, the too many clips, mostly. (Though, girls with short hair = looks like a boy? Is this 1950?)

    Also, I do not get gym fans and their vendetta against the US girl’s hair poof (as it is often called though various other gymnasts sport it as well). That style is ubiquitous amongst young girls (teens to twenties) and has been for like two years. The US girls didn’t invent it and I don’t see how it counts as rare or weird when every other girl walking down the street has some form of it as well.

    Also, I imagine they wear it because not only is it currently en vogue, but it’s easy and works with a ponytail. Likely two very valuable assets in a hairstyle for a gymnast.

  8. debster03 Says:

    Oh gosh…no no no, short hair does NOT = boy! I tried to make that clear. Sometimes it looks nice! I was mainly talking about bowl cuts (which I actually wore as a little girl. The horror!).

    As for the poof *blushes furiously* – I can’t criticize it, considering that’s what I do with MY bangs whenever I work out…

  9. Worst boy-cut ever? Khorkina. I second Karpenko’s guilty verdict – her bangs doubled the size of her head (which was admittedly small). The Russians in the ’96 Games were also guilty of the clip violation. As for the disheveled look, if I had to choose between that and the overdone Parkettes hair I would choose disheveled. Seriously, it’s an athletic competition. You don’t need a celebrity hairdo.

  10. Rawles: most of these were hairdos that were popular at the time and weren’t invented by gymnasts, the bang pouf being no exception.

    I thought the bang pouf was cute. I think it’s funny that the entire US squad did it, but in an endearing kind of way. They all matched!

  11. The bang poof isn’t that bad – compared to how high some women wear theirs these days. :p I think it looks a little cheesy when the whole American team (save for Chellsie) wears their hair the same way.

    Ceslavska’s (sp?) hair makes it look like she’s going really fast!

  12. Ally: Well, yes, obviously none of the gymnasts invented these hairstyles. That was exactly my point.

    I was referring to the fact that in gym fandom a LOT of people ACT as though the US National Team invented the bang poof.

    Debster: Okay. Yeah. Bowl cuts are hideous.

    I liked Khorkina’s short hair though. I think she worked it.

  13. The poofs can rock a la Dasha Joura but when your hairline starts 2 miles behind your eyes leaving an enormous forehead a la Nastia some bangs may look a little nice, she looks much prettier with some hair at the front like in her latest modelling shots. I was also thinking that Bross’ hair was always a little unkempt. She is super-cute and could do with a nicer style I think!

    What about the ‘wave bangs’ of the early 90s. Guilty as charged; Henrietta Onodi and Milosovici.

    Also the ‘school girl pigtails’ guilty as charged; Cathy Rigby and Olga Korbut.

  14. Also the ’school girl pigtails’ guilty as charged; Cathy Rigby and Olga Korbut.
    in addition to this, yang bo at the start of her internation career, though it looked cute on her since she looked so little anyway

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