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To my lovely readers: go easy on me!

Posted in news with tags , , on February 22, 2009 by debster03

I’ve got a confession to make.

I did not watch the Scam American Cup. No, I did not take advantage of the live streaming (although I hear it wasn’t “streaming” all that well, so I may not have missed much). The worst part is that, since I currently do not live inside the United States, I will not be able to watch the event on NBC either (and knowing The Powers that Be, no routines will be kept on Youtube for long). Ooh, what a travesty.

Now, don’t you all freak out. I didn’t forget. I was at the hospital getting a plethora of blood tests taken (I don’t know if I used the word “plethora” right, but it seems appropriate). Joy.

Anyway, so far, all I know is that, 1.  Jordyn Wieber won (unfairly, some claim), which does not make me too happy for a number of reasons (she’s too young, her gymnastics is too sloppy, and that’s not how you spell Jordan), 2. Bridget Sloan placed second (yay Sloanie!), and, 3. Fabian Hambuechen won for the men (*happy dance* he’s too adorable!).  But I don’t even follow men’s gymnastics.

So, for now, I’ll hurry my booty off to all of my gymnastics message boards on the hunt for some info. Then I’ll go hide under a rock, because, really, what kind of gymnastics fan misses live streaming (of the Scam Cup, no less)? I am tres ashamed!